About Us

Welcome to Phended! At the crossroads of innovation, education, and cybersecurity, our team has come together to forge a path for organizations in need of robust cyber-awareness training and defensive education.

Our Expertise

With years of hands-on experience, the Phended team consists of professionals excelling in cybersecurity, team development, SDLC, and education. Our expertise stems from real-world experiences, managing complex projects, and training diverse teams.

Our Passion

Cybersecurity is our raison d'être. In an era of evolving threats, we empower individuals with knowledge and tools to protect their digital environment. Management and education, the pillars of success, are our core values. We aim for a secure, well-managed, and enlightened organization.

Why Phended?

We identified a market gap: cybersecurity training for non-technical individuals and smaller organizations. Our approach ensures no organization remains vulnerable, regardless of size or budget. With Phended, you align with a vision of a safer digital world.


Charted Digital Waters

Dive into the complexities of the digital age with confidence. Whether it's a personal quest or a company-wide endeavor, our expertise is your compass.

Let’s connect and chart the path ahead.