Making Security Awareness Simple

In today's digital age, security shouldn't be a luxury or an afterthought. We're dedicated to demystify cybersecurity, offering intuitive solutions that seamlessly fit into your daily life. Because when security is simple, it becomes second nature.

State of Cyber Threats

According to recent studies, small and medium-sized businesses are particularly vulnerable to cyber threats. These statistics offer a revealing look into the pressing challenges they confront.

  • 14% of all cyber attacks hit the education sector
  • 43% of all data breaches affect small and medium businesses
  • 52% of small businesses lack in-house IT security experts
  • 74% of breaches stem from credential theft through phishing and social engineering
  • 83% of small and medium-sized businesses aren't financially ready to recover from a cyber attack

Simple Defensive Education

Empowering individuals with accessible cybersecurity education, to protect their digital footprint and enhance their informational awareness.

  • Simple Learning Bites, Tips, & Resources
  • Stress-Free Cyber Education with Impact
  • Step-by-Step Guides for Better Digital Hygiene
  • Free Cybersecurity Checklist with Incident Playbooks
  • Beginner-Friendly Learning Modules (Coming Soon)

Meet Dave

Until our training modules arrive, Dave is here to be your personal cyber security advisor that you can message anytime, anywhere. His mission is to translate complex cybersecurity jargon into easy-to-follow language, helping make the digital world safer for everyone.

  • Friendly & Accessible Dave breaks down complex topics, ensuring cybersecurity is a breeze for everyone.
  • Always Up-To-Date With a pulse on the latest cybersecurity trends, Dave ensures you're always in the know.
  • Multi-Topic Expertise From passwords to IoT, Dave's wide-ranging knowledge has you covered.
  • Safe Advice Opt for Dave's vetted suggestions and always be in trusted hands.
  • Interactive Guidance Get personalized advice at your fingertips. Dave is your on-call digital security advisor.

Phase Two

  • Early Access to Phended Website
  • Expanding Free Resources
  • Writing Training Modules
  • Developing Video Content
  • Growing the Mailing List
  • Capturing User Feedback

Development Phase Two!

We believe in transparency and vision, this is why we post our business progression and show our roadmap to the public.

Phended is currently in Phase Two which is a critical stage where we introduce early access to users, develop and launch our training modules, and create communication channels like mailing lists through our blog and free content.

It is essential to gather user feedback to shape the final product and provide the best user experience.

How Can We Support You?

Navigating today's challenges requires foresight and preparation. We're here to guide you in safeguarding both yourself and your workplace.

Reach out and let's find the best way forward.